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As a small business keeping costs down is important. That’s why we’ve created a cost effective approach for managing your WordPress website maintenance needs and providing you with the support you need.  Perfect for the small business owner who wants to spend time away from the back end of their website!

Our monthly WordPress Website Maintenance & Support package starts at $157 per month with a once off setup fee ($197).


Take the pain out of maintaining your WordPress website with your own concierge service

WordPress Website Essentials Maintenance & Support Package

  • Update 3rd party software updates (plugins, extensions, PHP mods and tweaks)
  • Update WordPress & theme
  • Minimizing the size of your html, js and css files (speeds up your site for SEO).
  • Black Hat SEO checking (client misadventure or poor “SEO tweaking”)
  • Remove non-working links (Google stops crawling when it discovers dead links)
  • Redirect old pages to new ones to preserve link juice.
  • Prevention of Denial of Service attacks (DoS attacks) when possible.
  • Fix site access issues or site lock-outs (including creating new logins)
  • Monthly site clean & anti-virus protection
  • Fix navigation / menu issues when adding new pages / posts / images.
  • Resolve site crashes.
  • Remove suspicious or mis-behaving files.
  • Block countries where hacking originates (if you need this).
  • Does NOT include repair of hacked or damaged sites (get in touch and we can provide a quote for these services)

$157 per month or $1507* annually and save 20%   plus initial setup fee $197

BUY ONE MONTH ($157 + $197 setup)

BUY 12 MONTHS ($1507 + $197 setup) SAVE 20%

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BONUS ! Support requests under 12 minutes are FREE on a 12 month plan – whether this is adding a form or resizing an image – Up to 3 requests per month.

Additional support hours are available at $85 per hour.



Once Off Set-up

  • Fix issues that arose from not being managed in the past (e.g. clean up database, dead links)
  • Obscure login pages to prevent hacker attacks (usually done immediately)
  • Test for malware and clean your site if bugs are found (the #1 reason why sites “break”)
  • Check site health and remove it from blacklists (e.g. Google, Norton etc.)
  • Add code which tells Google to re-index every page you update (great for SEO).
  • Remove non-working links (Googlebot often stops reading your site if it discovers dead links)
  • Check forms are working and add security measures (prevents bots injecting malware into your Db)
  • On-site back-up of form data. This means you will never lose a lead!
  • Custom PHP functions updated (e.g. events / calendar / Google Maps / other PHP libraries).
  • Regular Check-ins (weekly and monthly)
  • Update WordPress and plugins
  • Update your theme (template)
  • Fix broken links
  • Check for, and remove, spam comments
  • Check for any security issues and monitor performance
  • Database tune up
  • Regular backup of your site’s content
  • Troubleshooting if something isn’t working as it should


How hackers are hacking WordPress websites

41% were hacked through a security vulnerability on their hosting platform
29% were hacked via a security issue in a WordPress Theme
22% were hacked via a security issue in the WordPress Plugins installed
8% were hacked because they had a weak password.

Take for example the huge fiasco that happened because of “Rev Slider”. This plugin was included in a slew of very popular themes but had a security vulnerability that ended up causing over 100,000 sites to be hacked!


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